Te Matapihi render
Te Matapihi render
Te Matapihi render
Te Matapihi render

Te Matapihi Ki te Ao Nui
Central Library

In progress

Te Matapihi ki te Ao Nui Central Library has a special place in Wellingtonians’ hearts. That’s why in 2020 we opted to remediate the current Central Library building to the highest level of earthquake resilience. The refurbished building will deliver an integrated Central Library, City Archives, Customer Service Centre, and Experience Wellington’s Capital E, as well as celebrating the unique cultural identity of Pōneke and our Tākai Here partnership. It’s due to be completed in early 2026.

Ngā Paearu e kainamu mai ana
Upcoming Milestones

Early 2024

  • Construction work underway on the cafe, the basebuild for levels 3 and 4, and the staff breakout space. Completion of the services realignment on Harris St.

Mid 2024

  • Completion of the rattle zone along the Commonwealth Walkway and Victoria St and the services realignment on Victoria St.

Early 2025

  • Building envelope complete (back to having walls and windows).

Mid 2025

  • Landscaping is underway, and book collections move back in.

Late 2025

  • Construction is complete and the library fit-out begins.

Early 2026

  • Te Matapihi reopens in February with a city-wide celebration.